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When and why is a skin biopsy needed?

When is a skin biopsy needed?

The dermatologist decides to do a biopsy when:

  • the cause of the disease has not been diagnosed despite other diagnostic investigations
  • the lesions are persistent and do not respond to treatment
  • neoplastic disease or skin manifestations induced by the indirect effects of a neoplasm are suspected
  • a breed-associated dermatosis is to be confirmed

Is biopsy a painful procedure?

Biopsy sampling is a painful procedure and therefore should be performed under local or general anesthesia. Whenever possible, in dogs, local anesthesia is preferred and does not require preoperative blood tests.

How should I prepare my dog/cat when it has to undergo a biopsy sampling?

f general anesthesia is planned, preoperative examinations should be performed to ensure that there are no problems associated with this procedure.

The animal should not be washed or treated with local medications particularly at the lesions to be sampled.

The animal must have been fasting for 12 hours.

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