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CO2 laser

CO2 laser treatment transforms light energy into heat resulting in the destruction of cells by acting on their water content. The method, called photothermolysis, is very precise and noninvasive while leaving adjacent tissues perfectly intact.

At the Studio Dermatologico Veterinario, dermatological surgery treatments with CO2 laser can be performed.

How it works

The C02 laser vaporizes tissues causing less thermal damage, less inflammation and thus faster healing.
Compared with scalpel surgery, it is also able to “seal” nerve endings, small blood and lymph vessels with reduced pain, bleeding and postoperative swelling.

Indications for CO2 laser treatment:

There are many indications for the use of this type of surgical laser, which allows precise vaporization even in particularly delicate areas such as the periocular area and outer ear, among the most common:

  • Actinic keratoses
  • Viral plaques and papillomas
  • Sebaceous hyperplasias
  • Skin horns
  • Interdigital furuncles refractory to medical therapy

Video: Vaporization technique

Frequently asked questions

How is CO2 laser surgery performed?

Before performing the treatment, it is necessary to make a preliminary view so as to assess the possibility and mode of intervention.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so the dog or cat must be fasting.

What are the advantages of CO2 laser over traditional surgery?

The CO2 laser minimizes postoperative bleeding and pain, making this technique markedly preferable to the use of a scalpel.

Is it a risky technology?

The action of the laser is exerted only on the superficial layer of the treated tissues. the process is so rapid and localized to a minimal area that the thermal damage to the surrounding tissues is negligible.

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